Living With Ease and Joy – is it possible?

It is – but maybe not in the way you might think. Actually – if you are thinking it – then that is your first mistake. I was wary of using this title at first – as for many people it will conjure up images of utopia and pie in the sky ideas. But the name wouldn’t go away – as at the core ease and joy is what I am about. And it is much more of a journey than a destination.

Living with ease and joy is about the way we live our life – rather than a particular outcome. So much of our modern lives are lived from a place of resistance – or getting by. Working so we can afford to pay the bills. Making it through the week until the weekend. Our sights are set on something in the distance – rather than exploring where we are.

Living mostly from a future goals perspective is inadvertently creating a Pandora’s Box for yourself – lots of ‘stuff’ that is hoarded and never looked at. Have you ever felt the sense of freedom that comes from clearing out a closet or even a drawer in your home? A feeling of success that is somehow missing from your usual activities?

Living with ease and joy is about a journey into who we really are – the experience of breaking free of autopilot and plotting our own course. But that course is not determined by our minds – it comes from our heart and our inner knowing.

Living with ease and joy is not for the faint hearted. It will challenge your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. It will ease you out of your mind – and help you develop a new relationship with your body and your feelings. And yet the journey wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t also fun. One of the side effects of this journey is a lightness of being – as we let go of resistance – we feel happier.

So back to my original question – is it really possible to live with ease and joy? I believe it is. When we let go of insisting that life should be a particular way – and instead allow life to inform us – there is no stopping us.